Beloved by the city of Sasebo for half a century
It is a long-established restaurant that has been loved mainly for European-style curry and cream puffs on the signboard menu in Sasebo, Nagasaki.
Founded in 1951. Please enjoy the traditional menu where the accumulated craftsmanship shines.

Menu information

Sasebo specialty

Nagasaki Wagyu Lemon Steak Single Item 1980yen
Navy’s beef stew separately 1080yen
Warship cream puff 4000yen
Jumbo cream puff 450yen

A la carte

Garlic toast 300yen
Shrimp mayonnaise and shrimp crackers 450yen
Assorted sausages 700yen
Spaghetti minced meat sauce gratin 800yen
Camembert cheese fried 650yen
Nagasaki ham 900yen
Marinated roasted scallops 750yen
Dice steak Japone sauce 1280yen
Mediterranean paella 870yen


Green salad 450yen
Seasonal salad 600yen
Salad with plenty of seafood 800yen
Yakiniku salad 800yen

Hachinoya specialty

☆ Please choose white rice or saffron rice
☆ All salad included
Beef curry 800yen
Vegetable curry 800yen
Egg curry 870yen
Ginger curry 870yen
Fried fish curry 930yen
Sausage curry 980yen
Hamburger curry 980yen
Mixed fly curry 1300yen
Chicken leg curry (dry) 980yen
Green curry (dry) 800yen
Fried curry 930yen
Fried shrimp curry 1080yen
Nagasaki Wagyu Dice Steak Curry 1300yen
Premium curry 1300yen
Seafood curry 1300yen
Hayashi rice 980yen
Handmade naan 200yen
Large serving of rice + 100yen
Large serving of rice and roux + 250yen

Steak Menu

Mate tea chicken lemon steak (150g) 650yen
Mate tea chicken Grie black pepper sauce (150g) 750yen
Uzushio Pork Grie Garlic Sauce (150g) 750yen
Australian beef loin lemon steak (150g) 1200yen
Australian beef loin steak Japanese style sauce or demiglace sauce (150g) 1200yen
Australian beef tenderloin steak Japanese style sauce or demiglace sauce (150g) 1600yen
Nagasaki sirloin steak Japanese style sauce or demiglace sauce (200g) 4500yen

Hamburger Steak

Hamburger steak demiglace sauce 800yen
Hamburger steak grated ponzu sauce 800yen
Italian hamburger tomato sauce 800yen
Hamburger steak cream sauce 800yen
Hamburger steak Japone sauce 800yen
Beef stew and hamburger steak 1300yen

A set … Rice or bread + 200yen
B set ・ ・ ・ Rice or bread + soup + 250yen
C set ・ ・ ・ Rice or bread + soup + salad + 300yen


Minced meat sauce (with salad) 780yen
Mentaiko spaghetti (with salad) 780yen
Napolitan fisherman style (with salad) 900yen
Japanese-style pasta with mushrooms and shrimp (with salad) 850yen
Cream spaghetti with mushrooms and prosciutto (with salad) 1050yen

Light Meals & Doria

Fried shrimp separately 750yen
Seafood pilaf (with salad) 780yen
Mixed pizza 800yen
Omelet rice (with salad) 850yen
Homme Hayashi (with salad) 1050yen
Grilled curry (with salad) 850yen
Evidria 1000yen
Hamburger doria 1000yen
Seafood Doria 1300yen

Set Meal

Yakiniku set meal 1030yen
Grilled ginger set meal 970yen
Fried fish set meal 800yen
Fried shrimp set meal 1000yen
Mixed fried set meal 980yen
Rosukatsu set meal 1100yen
Small bowls for set meals change depending on the season

Kid ’s Lunch

Children’s lunch 700yen
(Hamburger, fried shrimp, hayashi rice, octopus-shaped wiener)


Coffee (hot or ice) 380yen
Black tea (hot or ice) 380yen
Espresso 350yen
Orange juice 300yen
Coke 300yen
Melon soda 300yen
Lemon squash 300yen
Oolong tea 300yen
Drinks will be 180 yen for those who have eaten


Kirin beer medium bottle 530yen
Asahi draft beer (middle) 480yen
Glass beer 350yen
Sake (1 go) 530yen
Glass wine (red / white) 600yen


Restaurant information

Street address

5-9 Sakaemachi, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture Sunkle 2nd Building 1F
[Access from the nearest station]
Get off at JR Sasebo Station and walk for 15 minutes. 8 minutes walk from MR Railway Sasebo Chuo Station. 298m from Sasebo Chuo Station

Reservation / Inquiry

TEL 0956-24-4522

Business hours / regular holidays

11: 30-21: 00 (L.O.20: 30)
Irregular holidays

* Business hours and regular holidays may differ from those listed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Please check with the store in advance when you come to the store.

Seats, facilities, etc.≫

50 seats (all seats are non-smoking)
Sofa seats and open terrace seats are also available.
≪Payment method≫
Cash / Card (VISA, Master)
Electronic money accepted (transportation electronic money (Suica, etc.), Rakuten Edy, WAON, iD)

COVID-19 Infection Prevention Measures

・ Alcohol disinfectant is installed in the facility.
・ We thoroughly disinfect the areas that customers often touch.
・ We carry out staff wearing masks, diligent hand washing, disinfecting with alcohol, checking health when going to work, and measuring temperature.
・ The inside of the store is ventilated by taking in outside air on a regular basis.